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About the Textpattern-Template

2006-02-24 08:59 | example 1 example 2 |

This is the first TXP-template by Robert Hartl. That's me, Robert Hartl It’s not fluid and not static at all, more a bit elastic in wider screens for modern browsers. The IE shows fixed width because of simplicity without hack. Only four (very) small images are used beneath the header-picture. Easy installing, understanding and very various – play just with the colours or use one of three various background-images within.

Almost all pages validate xhtml strict, only the comments are transitional because TXP adds two unwrapped hidden fields.
Deleted text looks almost like down or high text. And coded examples are also pre-formatted.

If someone has said something, this should be here.

Second heading – advantages

This was the second heading, now there are some lists:

  • only two pages and few forms for easy starting
  • elastic layout with fixed text-width for better reading
  • only few images – icons – for faster loading
  • clear, white-spaced design for more effect
  • content before sidebar – suitable for search engines
  • individual titles for better bookmarks and SERPS

How You get this template

What You have to do now:

  1. download
  2. install
  3. start writing
  4. enjoy


textpattern templates h1 textpattern templates h1 textpattern templates h1

Feedback welcome! This is emphasised.

About Robert Hartl

2006-02-24 08:49 | example 2 example 3 |

This is a small post on the author Robert Hartl. My homepage shows funny pics or in German lustige Fotos. And there’s the Robert Hartl Weblog.

One of my companies is Netprofit Webseitenoptimierung with the SEO-Blog about Webdesign und Homepageoptimierung.

The first post

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